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Our concept is based around creating a great companionship between those who like to spend time outdoors. To make this happen we are all dependent on our volunteers

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We need YOU!

To be able to offer all our services to the students of the city we're dependent on those of you who can offer some time of yours to make this organization running.

We accept exchange students for positions in our social comitée, preferably those who spend at least 2 semesters here. We also have open positions as tour leadersjogging leaders, climbing instructors or partaking in the board. For the latter ones we have a requirement that you at least are capable of understanding Norwegian - but you don't have talk it. 

You may read more about our different positions beneath - the social comitée is written in English, the rest is in Norwegian.

From urban mountain tours to rugged ski tours - we are open to all types of tour leaders!


Being a tour leader at BSI Friluftgives you the opportunity to try yourself out in the Norwegian nature on your own terms. We are open to all types of trip suggestions, be it accommodation on Fløyen or long mountain hikes around steep mountain sides. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable leading such a trip. It can be good to start with simple trips, and as you gain experience, you will soon notice that being able to arrange a successful trip is a great feeling of mastery. At the same time, the tour guide community will help each other!

By being a tour leader with us you get:

  • Covered all travel costs up to NOK 1,500

  • Covered accommodation on tour guide courses we organize each semester (first aid courses, avalanche courses and the like).

  • Attend closings and social functions we have for our internal

  • Be part of a fantastic outdoor environment!

click here to read what being a tour leader entails.


Our jogging group, the Monday Joggers, is always looking for someone who would like to lead various jogging sessions a month.

There is an advantage to being in good shape - but the plan should be about creating a plan that will suit both the fast and the normal!

Feel free to contact us here, or come along sometimes and ask the current jog leaders about the possibilities!




Our climbing group organizes regular climbing every Tuesday, and unless the weather is abnormally Bergen-like, we stay in Fantofthallen or Lehmkuhlhallen.

We are always looking for you with climbing skills who can think of you to contribute to us being able to organize such events.

We cover expenses for NKF's instructor course provided that you agree to contribute to the Tuesday climbing for at least one semester after you have taken the course.


The Cozyfolks

An important resource for us are those who arrange social happenings for us in the city where we can gather, meet and have a talk (and perhaps a beer!).

The social comitée arrange monthly pubs and also servce snacks at other happenings (like the at mountain meetings).

The group recruits continuosly - please contact us if you want to hear more!


Behind the whole organization sits a team of 12 men who pull the strings that ensure that the whole of BSI Friluft can exist. Being part of the board provides a unique opportunity to gain experience with running organizations and thus provides very important experience for your CV. But perhaps most important is the joy of making sure that the outdoor activities in Bergen can still exist!

Read more about the board and the various positionshere

As students are a volatile mass, there is always a need for new grants - please get in touch to find out what opportunities exist for next semester!

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