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Join our mailinglist. Mail with signup-info will be sent out Sunday or Monday ahead of departure


Read the tour description carefully, and sign up if you feel the tour fits you. Give us a notice if you need to rent equipment.


You will get a message if you're accepted. We have a mandatory meeting the Wednesday before departure.




Meet your new friends for a beer or a new hike

Every semester we release a new tour program which are all run by volunteers in BSI Friluft. One has to be a member to join these weekend trips. We do all we can to put together a program that has something for everyone.

You find our tour program here, and we will also publish them at our Facebook-page.


Sign-up will be possible the weekend ahead of departure, and link to sign-up form will be published through our mailingliste. It's essential to enlist to our mailinglist if you want to join our hikes.

We have to make clear that BSI Friluft is NOT a guiding company, but an organization run by volunteers who like to spend time outdoors. Hence our tour leaders are more or less people who want to coordinate trips with people who share the same passion for the nature. It's therefore extremely important that you make a self-assessment of your own skills, and how they meet the tour description of the trip you want to join. If you feel uncertain about the trip, please contact the tour leader for some sound advice.

All our trips is based on a "first come, first served"-principle. But the more demanding the trip is, the more the tour leaders will have to also weight in the previous experience of the signees (This matters especially tours grader 3 or 4). They will try to make a group they feel confident with bringing out, as safety always must be our number one priority. 

BSI Friluft is a voluntary association
where neither the board nor leaders of a trip get any economic benefits
from this work. As such the board and leaders of a trip do not necessarily
possess qualifications as mountain guides and do not have any financial or
judicial liability of any kind. Trip leaders are merely coordinatorers of
the activities undertaken. By Norwegian law, in a case of emergency all are
required to aid the person in need according to their own qualifications,
physical abilities, and evaluation of the risk involved. Participators are
strongly advised to assess their own qualifications before enlisting to a
trip, the trip leaders do have the right to refuse participants who do not
possess the technical or physical skills necessary to participate in a
trip, All activities are undertaken at the participator`s own risk and
responsibility, and by enlisting to a trip the participator confirms
this. A travel insurance is recomended *


1 Very easy

No special training or equipment is necessary for these kind of tours. As long as you're happy to stay outdoors we don't require any special conditions regarding your fitness.

Example: Trip up to the local mountains around the city or other trips of short distance

2 Easy

Usually multiday-trips, where the daily distances does not surpass 15 kilometers.

You must be in good enough to shape to carry your own equipment in your own backpack. Decent clothing for the current weather conditions required.

You should have experience with trekking in the mountains and sleeping in the outdoors. This grade may also be used for one-day trips which is not too demanding physically.

Example: Hikes that follows marked trails where one uses cabins or tents for sleeping. 5-15 km daily distances

3 Moderate

Hikes that may include distances longer than 15 kilometers a day. You must be in a good shape and have experience with hiking in the mountains. Your rugsack will feel heavy.

Example: Long hikes in the mountain which heavy backpacks - or tough one-day hikes (like randonée-trips)

4 Demanding

These trips will include long distances and may be experienced as physically demanding for experienced mountaineers as well.

You must have a solid experience with being in the mountains and know your own limits to partake on such a trip. Read the tour description carefully.

Example: Scrambling among peaks, glacier- and skimountaineering, trips where one may expect challenging conditions.

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