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Norges Idrettsforbund



and the activities you wish to do



Complete the payment


Log in to MinIdrett

and choose a place of study.



Congratulations, you are now a member of BSI Friluft!

Remeber to sign up to our mailing list

We gladly accept all those who want to become a member. We have no requirements for joining us, both students and non-students are allowed to join.

As a member you will:

  • Be able to sign up for our trips

  • Have access to cheap rental of our cabin at Hallingskeid

  • Have access to cheap equipment rental

  • 10% discount at Outdoor Bergen (purchases up to 2000 NOK)

  • 15% discount at Outdoor Bergen (purchases over 2000 NOK)

  • 15% discount at Chillout Travel Centre

  • Get 25 % discount on all courses and hikes arranged by our companions at the guiding company WildVoss

  • Discounted prices at Mjøllfjell Ungdomsherberget.

    • 239NOK per night, 390NOK for one weekend (Friday to Sunday). They also offer a place to set up a tent for 99NOK per night, with access to showers and toilets. 

  • Be a part of a great student association in Bergen


As of 01.01.2022, our membership costs 200 kr for a calendar year.  

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