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Transfer money by bank or meet up at our equipment room to pay by cash or card


Welcome to BSI Friluft :)

We gladly accept all those who want to become a member. We have no requirements for joining us, both students and non-students are allowed to join.

As a member you will:

  • Be able to sign up for our trips

  • Have access to cheap rental of our cabin at Hallingskeid

  • Have access to cheap equipment rental

  • Get discounts at the shops Outdoor and Chillout. For those who climb we can also offer discount at UTE.

  • Get 25 % discount at all courses and hikes arranged by our companions at the guiding company WildVoss

  • Be a part of a great student associtation in Bergen

As of 01.01.2019 we take the following charges for membership:

1 semester: 150 kr (200 non-student)

2 semesters: 200 kr (300 non-student)

Become member here:
As of recently we are obliged to register you in the national membership register for all sports organization called MinIdrett. Since we don't believe it's enlisting-capabilities are great at the moment, we offer you two ways of becoming a member at BSI Friluft at the moment:


1) Fill out our form and we will automaticly add you to the register
For this we need your basic personal information (name, adress in Norway, mail, birth date). After you have registered, you can meet at our equipmentroom to pay and get your membership card - this can also be adressed at our infomeetings in the start of the semester.

 If you don't feel comfortable with registering through this sheet, you can also register directly to MinIdrett yourself:


*Enter and register a new user. English language is accessible through the header.

* After you've created a member, go to and search for "BSI Friluft". We will handle your request as fast as possible

Membership can also be fixed and payed for at our equipment room

3) Sign up for our mailing list to receive weekly information about trips, activities and other events we arrange.

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All photos: Lars Petter Klem/BSI Friluft