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Far up into the mountains you will find our cabin Kreklingbu. With the cabin as a base camp you will be able to escape the city and get up in the real wilderness of Norway. By hiking or skiing in the area you may get to get a proper view of the Hardangerfjord or the glacier of Hardangerjøkulen. Here you will find possibilies for any skills and likings.

The cabin lies 500 meters from the train station of Hallingskeid at the Bergen railway, and is accessible all year around. It can offer a bed for up to 10 persons, and have a proper Norwegian cabin standard. By other words: no electricity, water is gathered in the nearby river, gas oven and candles - it will be just you and the nature.

Our members pay 75 kr per night.
Non-members pay 150 kr per night.

Payment is done before departure at our equipment room.

As for now you can have a check at current bookings here 


(Credit: Michael Chandra)
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